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How i started

I am a textile artist that has studied, grown up, worked and lived in Perth, Western Australia.

I love to make all kinds of things with my hands and my imagination, but I like the things in my life to have a purpose and be useful…

Inspired by my Mum who made most of my clothes as I grew up I fell in love with fabrics to the point of distraction.

I now have a major fabric fetish. I collect all kinds of beautiful and seductive textures, which are used to make my work…

I actually started my shop because after my Mum passed away I thought… “Hang It – just do what you Love! Enjoy it everyday and hopefully others will find it enjoyable too. LIFE is SHORT after all…”

So this shop is dedicated to my Mum… Thanks Chick!! Without you it would never have been possible! You were a constant source of inspiration in my life…

It’s Important……..!

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