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Your Imagination is your limit

Design for me often evolves from the many things that I find intriguing, interesting or inspiring… It could be a fabric, my friends, a musical performance, a plant, a picture, a dream or even some cool graffiti…

I surround myself with fabrics which I often find inspire me to make products which let there best qualities shine.

At Materialise the process of design evolves with each new customer that comes into the store with a will to want to create something for someone they love.

Each person who comes in looking for inspiration and design has an idea or a brief of something they wish to create. Our job is to help you in your quest to unlock the inner designer within you to create something for your life that makes your heart smile.

At Materialise we run a range of classes & tutorial sessions that are designed to suit you as an individual…… Our method of teaching enables you to learn the techniques & skills required to complete your desired project whilst giving you the creative confidence & knowledge to design & produce future projects with a successful outcome.

Come in & make beautifully crafted things in our comfortable & colourful store…… You’ll Love It!!

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